Sunday, February 26, 2012

CLOSET ORGANIZATION PROJECT: Big Space for a Little Closet!

Earlier today I made a visit to the Marshall's HomeGoods store in Clifton Park, NY.  I saw lots of goodies, including these cute bins and totes. The design & colors really caught my eye. The pricing wasn't terrible either. I'm pretty sure I resembled a crazy person as I was talking to myself trying to figure out which bins I should get and what would go in them. 


My closet was pretty messy, cluttered, kind of mismatched and in dire need of a face lift!


An obvious change I made was 'toting up' my jeans and hand bags, which cleaned up so much clutter. I changed out the old, mismatched totes and boxes for the pretty new ones.

In the 'before' picture, you can notice that my bags were draping off the top shelf and it looked terribly messy. Same with my jeans, although they didn't look terrible, they didn't look nice either. I wasn't going to keep my Sperrys in my closet but I had the room. They've been hanging out all winter so I figured they could just stay.

This sized box fit wallets and small crossbody bags really well. As well as shoes & belts!

I didn't change my clothing too much. I kept them organized by color and sleeve length. 
Shoes are organized by color and are neatly placed. 

I'm pretty happy with my closet facelift. I could use nicer, matching hangers but that will be another day.  Homegoods actually sold some pretty, velvet-like covered hangers that were of the same brand as my totes. They had all of the colors found in the totes (AWESOME), except they were around $10 per 18 hangers. I was thinking I would need around 5 bundles and I couldn't justify spending $50 on hangers. 
I'll have to keep my eye on them in hopes that they go on clearance!

The pink flower, over-the-door coat hooks were purchased at TJ Maxx. $5.00 for the pair. 
A subtle pop of pink.

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