Friday, February 24, 2012

New Office Plans

Im am in dier need of a new desk. My current desk was purchased at Target for around $120, but it is just too small. I have a hard time putting anything on it while I'm working or doing school work, like books or any materials I might need. As I was roaming the blogs I normally frequent, I saw a desk in the office of blogger, LoveMaegan and I fell in love with it.  Since she referenced it I went straight to IKEA's website and found out that it is quite affordable and it was shippable, who knew!? I live no wheres near an IKEA so I was pretty thankful that this product was able to be purchased online. I came to the conclusion that I need a larger desk with more functions for technology, storage space and accent pieces. So here is my plan! Or at least the bones of it.

Must have cable drops to get those wires organized. In my current office area I have a vintage mirror under my desk to hide all of that wire mumbo jumbo and it really isn't ideal. I would like to show the mirror off - not hide it under a desk!

.. and here is my current office area, just blah.

The most problematic areas are the lack-of storage area and desk space. Also, see that old chair? It is so uncomfortable. It is an old and painted dining room chair, which is so not ideal for your bum - even with the seat cushion. Plus it is so dark, I really think that the white IKEA shelving and desk will significantly brighten up the space. I just can't wait! What do you think?

Current wire mumbo jumbo, embarrassing!
These are the wires I have hidden with the vintage mirror. An out-of-hand mess. I'm not sure I even know what some of them connect to. I can't wait to fix this problem.. Since I have shared this problem I would feel guilty if I didn't change it, so I think I will have to do it even before I get the new desk and wire organizers.


  1. I'm all about the Ikea. My home office is all Ikea but is still a dump since I have so much work stuff everywhere. You can never have enough desk space. The wire mess is always an issue. I have three monitors, two computers, hub, printer, lights, and phones to all keep plugged in.

    1. I Love IKEA too, I wish there was one closer to me, I can only get what is available to purchase online. Wow, I can only imagine how many wires and cables you have with all of that technology! I found a few different things to organize cables, online, I just have to purchase them and hope they work!