Tuesday, March 13, 2012

DIY: Accessory Organizer

So today was the big 'Thrift Shop Shopping Day' with friend & blogger Clever and Catchy. It was such a blast, I had so much fun! We hopped from thrift shop to thrift shop, to literally every single one we could find, which amounted to around 7 or 8? Something like that. We didn't arrive home with as many treasures as we thought we would but we both got a hold of some great goodies and we had a great time! We had a great girls-day of thrifting and are already planning another! I will recap more on our awesome day, tomorrow. :)

A thrift find.. transformed.

As for today, one of my great finds was a Lenox Flatware Organizer that was in great shape, with no dings, for $3.99! When I saw it, I knew exactly what I wanted to use it for. Actually, this was one of my planned pieces to find, just so I could make it into an Accessory Organizer. It isn't a new concept but it is a lovely one. Especially great for your extra accessories that don't have a home. 

I decided I wanted to hang it. It kind of becomes an art piece with pretty accessories displayed on it, so I didn't want to hide it in a drawer. It adds a touch of girliness to my get-ready room. To hang it, I used the old trick of screwing a soda tab to the back of the organizer to make a hanger. I use that DIY all the time, it's such a life saver.. a trip to the store saver & even a money saver.  To help it home more accessories, I added outdoor hooks; the ones that twist in like a screw (picture below). I had a pack of those hooks in a drawer for what seems to be forever and I finally had a use for them. 

Outdoor Hooks in action.

Outdoor Hooks

Soda Can Tab
Notice how it cracked a little when I screwed it in.. luckily it didn't break or ruin it. It just made an ugly crack.. At least it is on the back and won't be visible. :)

I almost forgot.. here is the Before. (sorry about the blur)


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  1. this turned out even better than i expected, which i didnt think was possible. simply amazing!!! whens our next thrift trip?!