Sunday, January 27, 2013

Furniture Tacks - DIY

I was in need of some kind of entertainment center and I'm a huge fan of turning regular, old, beat up dressers, stands or accent tables into such!

Besides the norm - Painting, I decided to try my nack at furniture tack designs. Super. Awesome. Fun.  I'm one of those people that rush through everything because I'm super excited for the outcome.. but then the outcome isn't perfect.. unless you look from a distance! :-X :-) Hah.

I put the tacks on the entertainment center first. I didn't exactly measure <-- wouldn't suggest that route.

This accent table I actually use for an end table. Its hard to find good end tables that fit (are high enough) for sectionals.. well the places I'm looking anyways.. okay I'm too cheap. This project I did with a little more planning and I took my time. I used a pen to mark a dot every 3/4 of an inch. I know there are tools to do this way easier, but the one and only place I looked I couldn't find it, so I opted out :)

I used my fingers as guides when I tapped the furniture tack in each time, ever so gently as not to beat up my fingers. Then I would obviously remove my fingers and bam, strike that tack in there.. I think I had a little too much fun with that part.

All in all in was a fun time and it was a super easy way to fancy up some thrift store furniture finds! I found the furniture tacks, with the help of an employee at Joann Fabric's. They were like $2 for a little box of 30 something. So I grabbed all that they had, which was maybe 6 or 7 boxes. I knew I would want to try and use the tacks whenever I had the chance and for so cheap, why not!?



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