Thursday, March 1, 2012


This lamp was thrifted a couple of years ago as a pair and was originally a pretty teal color. The accompanying lampshades were straight out of the Brady household, which I actually liked at that time. Sad to say that the other lamp is no longer with us because of a DIY gone wrong, very, very wrong.

Eventually, I had to change the color because it didn't synchronize with the colors and design of the room. My spray painting "skills" are very hit or miss. As you can see, the "before" lamp is pretty uneven and not the greatest color. After that fail, I decided to change the color and to put it into my get-ready room. I used leftover navy, semi-gloss paint and a 2" paint brush to blot and paint.  I also used a drop cloth because I am the world's most messy painter. The lamp shade is from a lamp that I purchased at TJ Maxx. I have an excess of lamp shades as I buy them when I spot a cute one on clearance - switching them out can make a nice change in a room!

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