Monday, February 27, 2012


This houndstooth storage box used to be an ugly, beat up shoe box that I was about to throw away. Seconds before I was about to break the box down, it occurred to me that I could use if for my nail polish, as my collection was outgrowing a smaller box they were stored in.  I love projects like this. Projects that cost little to no money (because I had all of the elements in my home), that are functional and pretty!  If you've never used Mod Podge before then this is the beginning of a long and healthy relationship. I go a little bit crazy with it and I hope you do too! I've covered many decor pieces with Mod & fabric, but they always come out wonderful. Be advised: You will see many more posts with Mod Podge as the star.

Okay, here we go, it can't get any easier. All you need is: 
    • Shoe Box
    • Mod Podge
    • Small Foam Brush
    • Scissors 
    • Fabric


  1. Coat the Box with Mod Podge, evenly.
  2. Cover with fabric. **Stretch it to get wrinkles out.
  3. Fold the fabric when necessary (on corners and such) and cut off the excess.
  4. Paint another layer on top of the fabric to harden it and make it more durable.
  5. Let it dry & voila! 
**Since this box was intended for my nail polish I did not put fabric on the inside. If it were for nicer, non-messy items I would have, then it would really have packed a punch (even though it would be closed most of the time).

Happy Modging!


  1. i JUST burned a wood storage box that the plastic faux 'snake' was peeling off of that this would have been perfect for. I still have one left (the dog toys are in it, and its in the living room so what a perfect idea for it). I can't wait to do it!

  2. Oh no, that sounds like it would have been great but at least you have another one! I'm sure the pups will be pleasantly surprised that there box is getting revamped.